A wood cytting and serving board by the Holland Bowl Mill, with grapes, crackers, pretzels, and spreading cheese. Fixing a warped cutting board takes time, but with proper care, can be easily achieved.

Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

Your wooden kitchenware has much more character than your typical dishes. Unfortunately, sometimes that character means that your bowls might chip, or that your spoons will stain. However, some of these imperfections are not permanent. Here’s a rundown on how you can fix your warped cutting board. There are a

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A clean long cutting board by Holland Bowl Mill, before any knife marks on wood cutting board appear.

How to Fix Knife Marks on Wooden Cutting Boards

It is not a rarity that your wooden kitchenware can show signs of aging, especially when you have put them through good use. Even though some utensils and bowls can be buffed back into shape with a good oil, fixing knife marks on wooden cutting boards is not a simple

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Get to know the many benefits of wooden dishes. A full table spread of wooden wares in the Holland Bowl Showroom

Benefits of Eating From a Wooden Bowl

We’ve gone on and on about how great our wooden bowls are for serving and for home decor. Not only that, but Holland Bowl Mill has also stressed how our wooden bowls are food safe. To go even further with more reasons to get a wooden bowl set of your own,

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A 20-inch ebonized wooden bowl from the Holland Bowl Mill

Add Another Layer of Beauty With Ebonized Bowls

As Holland Bowl Mill continues to grow, both in popularity and in business, we also push to boost our creativity. You may have seen some of our specialty items before, such as the heart-shaped bowl and the State of Michigan bowl, but we would like to introduce our line of

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Holiday gifts from the Holland Bowl Mill can be personalized on the bottom or interior of bowls and cutting boards.

Personalized Holiday Gifts From Holland Bowl Mill

Often, the best gift isn’t the one that costs the most money, but it’s the one that is most thoughtful. Adding a personalized touch to your holiday gifts can take it a step further, and Holland Bowl Mill can do just that. When you purchase a bowl sized 12-20 inches

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Fractal wood burning bowls on display in the Holland Bowl Mill showroom.

What Is Fractal Wood Burning?

Like snowflakes, no two wooden bowls are alike. Each one is expertly crafted from a variety of different trees, and even trees of the same type will display unique patterns. Still, there are some added touches made to our wooden bowls that help set them apart even further. Holland Bowl

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Round Out Your Collection With a Four Corners Bowl

Entertaining guests can be trickier these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop setting your table completely. That perfect centerpiece is still out there, and you can bring it all together with a simple, yet elegant, four corners bowl from Holland Bowl Mill. These modern, sleek and uniquely

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