A wood cytting and serving board by the Holland Bowl Mill, with grapes, crackers, pretzels, and spreading cheese. Fixing a warped cutting board takes time, but with proper care, can be easily achieved.

Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

Your wooden kitchenware has much more character than your typical dishes. Unfortunately, sometimes that character means that your bowls might chip, or that your spoons will stain. However, some of these imperfections are not permanent. Here’s a rundown on how you can fix your warped cutting board.

There are a few reasons your wooden cutting board has warped, and one of them might be that you haven’t properly cared for it. Now is the time to change that, by restoring that wooden cutting board back to its former glory. 

To have a better grasp on how to fix your cutting board, understand how it got that way. A wooden cutting board will start cupping because there is more moisture on one side of the board than there is on the other side. When one surface of the board dries, it shrinks. On the other side of that, when a surface soaks up moisture, it expands.

It does not take a complicated process to fix your warped cutting board. There is no need to introduce excess heat or more moisture to the situation. In fact, doing either of those could damage the board further, having the opposite effect of what you are aiming for. 

Simply put, the best method to flattening that wooden cutting board back out is to turn it over. Yes, just flip the cutting board over. This process will take time, ranging from a couple days to a couple weeks, but you will be amazed by the results.

When the wooden cutting board is exposed to air, the moisture levels in the board may even out. Given enough time, the warping will slowly fade and your cutting board will be back in its original shape. 

Now that your wooden cutting board is flat again, you need to take the steps to ensure that it never happens again. Properly caring for your wooden cutting board and all of your wooden kitchenware will help them stay clean, look great, and last for many more years.

With the knowledge to flatten out your wooden cutting board, as well as skills to remove knife marks, you can make your wooden cutting board or serving platter the focus of your next get together. By taking good care of your cutting board, just as you would with your wooden bowl, you can help it last for years and years.

Regardless if it is a wooden bowl, cutting board, or utensil, you can be confident that anything purchased from Holland Bowl Mill will look amazing and last a lifetime. Get your own wooden cutting board by adding it to your shopping cart, or call us at (616) 396-6513 to place your order.