Bee's Oil Wood Preserve, necessary for a food safe wooden bowl

Food Safe Wooden Bowls for Any Occasion

There are many steps to take when crafting the best wooden bowl around. Yet once we perfectly shape that bowl, it still isn’t quite ready. To ensure that our customers receive the best product possible, we finalize the process with the guarantee you receive a food safe wooden bowl.

We would not recommend going outside, chopping off a branch, and then using that wood as dinnerware to serve your guests. The natural wood from trees in your backyard would still need that finishing touch, which quite literally means a finish.

With lots of different choices, including mineral oil, walnut oil, and shellac, Holland Bowl Mill sticks with its tried-and-true beeswax finish. It penetrates the natural wood surface and leaves a soft protective luster to all wooden products, protecting the wood from drying, cracking, and splitting.

All Holland Bowl Mill bowls and other wood products are completely food safe. We treat all finished wood products with Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver. Our Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver is an all-natural, completely food-safe wood conditioner made from a bee’s wax and special natural oils, and is available here at Holland Bowl Mill.

To ensure that your bowl remains food safe, you need to follow the right steps in cleaning and caring for your bowl. First, never soak your wood products in water, and do not let water stand inside of a wooden bowl. Also, do not clean your wood products in a dishwasher. To properly clean your wooden bowl, use warm water, a small amount of mild dish soap and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, and then hand dry.

Holland Bowl Mill guarantees not only a food-safe bowl, but we guarantee that your wooden bowl or other wooden product will last a lifetime. If your wood bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use, Holland Bowl Mill will replace it with a new item of similar size and finish.

Regardless if you have bowls, plates, utensils, or serving platters, each of our products is not only guaranteed to be food safe but also guaranteed to last. Visit our showroom at 120 James Street in Holland to see all of our products, or call us at (616) 396-6513 to place your order. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see updates on everything else we offer.