Do you know how to build a charcuterie board? It usually starts with meats and cheeses.

How to Build the Best Board

If you’ve ever perused Pinterest or Instagram for entertaining ideas, you’ve probably seen a charcuterie board. If you’re not sure what a charcuterie board is, it is a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, nuts, or crackers assembled on a wooden serving board or cutting board. If you want to build a beautiful charcuterie board, you don’t have to be an expert. 

Why do people love charcuterie boards so much? One reason they are so popular is because anyone can put a charcuterie board together. You can use just about any food to create a charcuterie board and make it look amazing.  

These arrangements are incredibly popular on Instagram. Showing off your charcuterie board has become food art that people love to admire. There is an art to making your charcuterie board look like an Instagram worthy board, but with the right serving board and techniques, you can build a stunning, beautiful charcuterie board that will wow your friends.

How to build the best board

Technically, you can put together a charcuterie board on just about any serving platter or board, but if you want to create a beautiful board that will have Instagram wowing, what you present it makes all the difference. To build the best board, start with a beautiful serving board. Holland Bowl Mill has some beautiful serving boards that are perfect for creating Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards.

Create the perfect meat and cheese board with our Cherry Live Edge Presentation and Cutting Board. This board is great because it comes in a variety of sizes. It’s reversible so you can cut on one side, and serve on the other. Its rustic simplicity gives it a classic look that’s ideal for serving meats, cheeses, and breads.

For a beautiful presentation of breads, smoked meats, and cheese, a Cherry Pantry Paddle Board is a great choice. Not only does this make a stunning charcuterie board, it’s perfect for serving up fresh breads at any meal.

Anyone from Michigan will love our Michigan cutting board. Whether your favorite team wears blue or green, you can serve a fantastic charcuterie board with cookies, Michigan fudge, or fruits. This makes a great gift as well.

It’s fun to get inspiration from Instagram, but for a truly unique charcuterie board your imagination and a beautiful wooden serving board are all you need. Get creative and try out different combinations of meats, cheeses, fruits, or breads.

Browse through our selection of charcuterie boards, serving boards and paddles. All of our serving boards are finished with food safe mineral oil and our famous bee oil is applied to every board. They are perfect for everyday use or for creating your own fantastic charcuterie boards.