5 Piece Rustic Candle Holder


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Our beautiful rustic wooden candle holder is made out of excess wood from the bowl making process. They are sanded on both the bottom and top surfaces allowing for glass holders and candles to sit flush within the piece of wood. All candle holders are made out of Michigan hardwoods (Cherry, Oak, Beech, and Walnut), if you have a preference in wood, please let us know during checkout, Rustic Candle Holders make perfect accent pieces to your home decor or can even be a focal point on the head table at your wedding! Guests are sure to rave! All of our candle holders are hand selected, dried in our steam room process, cleaned and sanded. This process ensures no moisture/mold and prevents cracking. We finish our candle holders with a urethane finish to hold the bark and keep the wood from drying out.

It can take close to one hundred years for a hardwood tree to produce the grains that make each Holland Bowl Mill wooden bowl and rustic candle holder so beautiful. A variety of colors and grain patterns give testimony to the uniqueness of each bowl, and no two are exactly alike. We take great pride in bringing this beauty to our all of our customers. Functional and decorative our wood bowls are keepsakes that will last for generations.

*Please note: Each rustic wooden candle holder is unique and carries its natural characteristics as this is a natural product and may not match the picture identically.

-18-19″ long X 6″ Wide

-Includes five glass holders and five candles

-Urethane Finish