Cherry Grilling Planks (2-Pack)


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-2-Pack Of Cherry Grilling Planks

-Our Wild Cherry planks add a vaguely sweet and fruity smoke flavor to your food. This especially pairs well with poultry, fish, turkey, peaches and vegetables.

-Soak planks in water for an hour before placing on grill. Planks should be fully submerged in water.

-Planks can actually be reused about 2-3 times. As you might imagine, the wood may burn and lose its shape but as long as there is wood left, wash it with water and give it a little scrub to remove cooked on food and dry it in an oven (the heat helps to remove any bacteria before storing). Be sure to store the plank in a dry spot in between use. Then, re-soak it and re-use it.

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It can take close to one hundred years for a hardwood tree to produce the grains that make each Holland Bowl Mill wooden bowl so beautiful. A variety of colors and grain patterns give testimony to the uniqueness of each bowl, no two are exactly alike. We take great pride in bringing this beauty to our all of our customers. Functional and decorative our wood bowls are keepsakes that will last for generations.

-15 X 6-1/2″