Wooden bowl production facility at the Holland Bowl Mill produces thousands of bowl every year.

Waste Not, Want Not: We Use Every Possible Piece of Wood

For nearly a century, Holland Bowl Mill has used the same techniques to craft the beautiful solid hardwood bowls that you are familiar with today. As our popularity has grown, so has our operation, making Holland Bowl Mill is the largest solid wooden bowl production facility in the world. 

Because we are the best at creating the highest-quality wooden bowls, we are very conscious of our footprint. Whereas the process of creating handcrafted bowls takes nearly a month to complete, it takes much, much longer for our resources to grow. Thus, being environmentally friendly is an ongoing component of our business.

We consider our environmental activities in all decisions in the production of wooden bowls and other products. Holland Bowl Mill selects only the more giant diameter trees to harvest, leaving the smaller, less mature trees to grow in their place. When you remove large trees, you also remove the vast canopies of leaves. This selective cutting allows more sunlight to penetrate the forest floor where young foliage and wildlife can prosper.

Holland Bowl Mill receives deliveries of 8-, 10- and 12-foot logs that must have a minimum of 16 inches in diameter. Each log is then cut into large blocks that become bowl blanks. The more significant blanks can create 17-, 15-, 12-, and 9-inch bowls, while small bowl blanks measure, 10, 8, 7 and 6 inches, with each of the bowls nests inside each other.

The Holland Bowl Mill utilizes any remaining wood so that nothing goes to waste. We also craft wooden plates, utensils, and a variety of pieces used for home decor. Recycling remaining wood is important for firewood for heating homes, fireplaces or campfires, and the shavings and fine-tunings for animal bedding.

Great handcrafted wooden bowls do not grow on trees. They grow from trees. Holland Bowl Mill prides itself not only on the quality of our wooden bowls but also in our efficient, environmentally-friendly process that is unmatched. Purchase your own set of bowls by adding them to your shopping cart, by calling us at (616) 396-6513, or by visiting our showroom at 120 James Street in Holland.