wooden bowl decorating ideas in a living room

4 Beautiful Wooden Bowl Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to decorate with wooden bowls, there are so many ways you can use them. Wooden bowls can be used in many creative ways to decorate your home. You can use a few bowls to create a beautiful arrangement or use them to create an artistic centerpiece. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 4 wooden bowl decorating ideas you can try in your home.

Dress up your coffee table

This is a simple idea that can add some style to your living area. Take a large wooden bowl and fill it with faux flowers. Choose colors that complement your decor. Drape the flowers over the sides of the bowl.

To fill the space around on either side of the large flower bowl, you can add smaller bowls. Line them with decorative rocks, stones, or seashells that match the colors in your flowers. If you don’t like flowers, you can use greenery, pine cones, or pieces of colored glass.

Stack them on your kitchen table 

Make your kitchen look fabulous with wooden bowls sets. You can stack them in the middle of the table to create a wooden bowl centerpiece. Fill the top bowl with fruits, nuts, or candy. Or you can go for a rustic look by adding pine cones, greenery, or flowers. If you want to make your centerpiece pop, use bright colors like red apples, pumpkins, or oranges. Add a gorgeous table cloth or table runner to bring it all together.

Wall decor

If you have a collection of beautiful wooden bowls, they will look amazing on your wall. Stacking them on shelves just doesn’t display all of their beauty. Purchase some plate hangers to secure your wooden bowls to the wall. Plate hangers allow you to display your bowls without damaging them or using adhesives or screws. Create a gorgeous display showing off all your wooden decor and bowls.

Fill them with candles

Use your wooden bowls to create a candle display. To create a candle display, you will want to use candles that are contained in their own holders. If you place the wax directly on the wood, the wax may melt onto the wood or burn the wood. Fill the bottom of your wooden bowl with small rocks to keep the candle (or candles in place). If you want an extra splash of color, add some colored rocks to your arrangement. 

These are just a few wooden bowl decorating ideas. Get creative. Your bowls can be used for more than just serving food. Create beautiful home decor with your wooden bowls. Rather than using them as a traditional serving dish, use them as a stylish way to enhance any room in your home.