Thanksgiving Weekend Showroom Hours

Everyone at the Holland Bowl Mill is buzzing about the upcoming holiday season. To add to the excitement, showroom visitors will receive our special 15% discount HOURS before we release it to online shoppers, just as a thank you for stopping by! If you can’t make it on Black Friday,

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Fractal wood burning bowls on display in the Holland Bowl Mill showroom.

What Is Fractal Wood Burning?

Like snowflakes, no two wooden bowls are alike. Each one is expertly crafted from a variety of different trees, and even trees of the same type will display unique patterns. Still, there are some added touches made to our wooden bowls that help set them apart even further. Holland Bowl

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Round Out Your Collection With a Four Corners Bowl

Entertaining guests can be trickier these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop setting your table completely. That perfect centerpiece is still out there, and you can bring it all together with a simple, yet elegant, four corners bowl from Holland Bowl Mill. These modern, sleek and uniquely

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A teardrop heart bowl. Making wooden bowls can be an art form, one that takes time.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

A proverb states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the next best time is now.” While they may not intend the phrase to be literal, it suggests that hard work pays off, and good things will come to those who wait.  For Holland Bowl Mill,

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The newly redesigned Holland Bowl Mill website is faster, more shopping focused, and easier to navigate. Find your wood turned bowls, boards, utensils and more at

Find Anything You Need on Our Newly Designed Website

Often when you do your shopping online, you need to navigate through menus, long lists, and multiple categories. Something that should be easy isn’t. However, shopping for wood turned bowls just got easier with Holland Bowl Mill’s newly designed website. All the products you know and love, and maybe even

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Bowl Showroom. Where to Buy Wooden Bowls. Holland Bowl Mill Showroom

Come See Our Newly Renovated Showroom

A tree can take decades to grow tall and strong. Maple trees, for instance, will grow between 12-24 inches a year, while the pin oak can grow over 2 feet in one year. For us at Holland Bowl Mill, it has taken roughly a century to grow into the operation

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Cherry wood grilling chips by the Holland Bowl Mill

Become a Grill Master This Summer With Cherry Wood

When you grill using only your propane or charcoal, you are limiting the flavor potential of your dish. Adding salt or seasoning can certainly improve the flavor, but there is still more you could do to truly impress your friends and family, and the secret could be in the wood.

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