Wooden serving bowls stacked in a kitchen shelving unit.

What Are the Best Foods to Serve in Wooden Bowls?

You’re hosting the next big get-together, but you still haven’t figured out the menu. What you choose to serve is more than just the taste, but also the presentation. Create a brilliant spread and impress your guests with the best foods to serve from your wooden bowls. A wooden serving

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Wooden plates are just as durable as our bowls and boards. A wooden plate with grape son it next to a charcuterie board with cheese and crackers.

Bring More Beauty Into Your Kitchen With Wooden Plates

Adding more wooden pieces to your kitchenware can really give your home a distinct feel. Your guests will be intrigued when they see they are being served from a wooden bowl or from a wooden board. Continue bringing more into your collection now with wooden plates. A wooden plate has

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What is a fruit bowl? Fruit bowls have holes cut into them at strategic locations to ensure fruit lasts longer and doesn't droop or bruise. Six apples in a dark walnut fruit bowl.

What Makes a Fruit Bowl a Fruit Bowl?

Have you ever reached for a piece of fruit from your counter and found that it’s already spoiled? Likely you have, and it is almost guaranteed that you are not the only one. Fruit that is crowded into the same bowl on your counter will go bad much faster, but

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A wooden pie server made from Cherry wood.

Add a Wooden Pie Server or Spatula to Your Kitchen

Impressing your friends and family should go beyond just your cooking skills. The food and its presentation also play a large role, as well as how you serve it. Go one step further with a wooden spatula and a wooden pie server. After serving the first course with your other

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Wooden wall mounted bottle opener with an attached Torched Red Oak bowl.

Great Gifts for Beverage Lovers

Finding the right gift for a friend or a loved one can sometimes be difficult. But when that gift is for somebody that really enjoys having an ice-cold beverage, Holland Bowl Mill makes finding that gift easy. Whether that special someone loves a refreshing pop, or one of Michigan’s many

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A wood cytting and serving board by the Holland Bowl Mill, with grapes, crackers, pretzels, and spreading cheese. Fixing a warped cutting board takes time, but with proper care, can be easily achieved.

Fixing a Warped Cutting Board

Your wooden kitchenware has much more character than your typical dishes. Unfortunately, sometimes that character means that your bowls might chip, or that your spoons will stain. However, some of these imperfections are not permanent. Here’s a rundown on how you can fix your warped cutting board. There are a

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A clean long cutting board by Holland Bowl Mill, before any knife marks on wood cutting board appear.

How to Fix Knife Marks on Wooden Cutting Boards

It is not a rarity that your wooden kitchenware can show signs of aging, especially when you have put them through good use. Even though some utensils and bowls can be buffed back into shape with a good oil, fixing knife marks on wooden cutting boards is not a simple

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Get to know the many benefits of wooden dishes. A full table spread of wooden wares in the Holland Bowl Showroom

Benefits of Eating From a Wooden Bowl

We’ve gone on and on about how great our wooden bowls are for serving and for home decor. Not only that, but Holland Bowl Mill has also stressed how our wooden bowls are food safe. To go even further with more reasons to get a wooden bowl set of your own,

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