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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (Continental US Only).

Product Care

Solid Wooden Bowl Care

Nurtured by nature and handcrafted in the USA. Our wooden bowls are finished with our famous Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver and ready to fill with your favorite salads, fruits – even popcorn!

To Maintain Your Bowl

Lifetime Guarantee on every Wooden Bowl

All Holland Bowl Mill bowls come with a lifetime guarantee. If your bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use, Holland Bowl Mill will replace it with a new one of similar size and finish. Never let water stand in a wood bowl for a long period. Also, please do not place any wood product in the dishwasher. Holland Bowl Mill recommends using water and a small amount of mild soap to wash your wood products, then hand dry.

*Please follow the above directions for Wooden Utensils and Cutting Boards*