FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (Continental US Only)
FREE 9″ Cherry Bowl when you spend $200.00 (use code SUMMER)

FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (Continental US Only).
FREE 9″ Cherry Bowl when you spend $200.00 (use code SUMMER)

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Create everlasting memories around the dinner table with the Holland Bowl Mill’s new lines of baking, carving, slicing, and presentation products! We have rolling pins to create the perfect crust, presentation boards to share your charcuterie creations, and hand turned wooden trees to start conversations.

Set the Table

Our classic French rolling pins are a dream to use! The tapered dowel shape makes it both easy on the hands for all your upcoming bake-a-thons. Looking for a more traditional tool? Shaker-inspired pins are rollers with a sturdy, balanced feel.

Great for meats, cheeses, berries and more, our round wooden serving boards can fit a multitude of culinary delights. With a spacious 19-inch diameter, there’s no limit to what you’ll be serving on this statement-making board.

Our double live edge wood cutting boards make great wedding, anniversary, and housewarming gifts.

Speaking of great gifts, each whimsical tree is made with love by our master wood turners. Mix and match woods to make your own forest at home.

Time To Serve

Cut your freshly baked and warm slice of bread with your new bow knife, or carve into that perfectly cooked medium rare steak without worrying about the juices. 

Slicing bread has never been easier with our bread board and knife set. The bowed handle features a stainless steel blade with wide serrated edges that stays sharp for uniform slices.

Finally, our grooved boards prevent spills by catching the juices of fresh-grilled meats or small scraps you generate while carving.