Holland Bowl Mill tour

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Come Tour Holland Bowl Mill

For decades, Holland Bowl Mill has been expertly crafting wooden bowls here in Holland, Michigan. You may have seen some of our best-selling items already, or you are just learning about all the things Holland Bowl Mill has to offer. Whether you’ve been a fan of our work for years, or are just finding out about us, you can take a peek behind the curtains and take the historic Holland Bowl Mill tour.

Holland Bowl Mill has a rich history. Just like the trees that become our bowls, it took a long time for Holland Bowl Mill to grow and prosper into what it has become today.

We are the best and largest solid bowl production facility in the world and make beautiful solid hardwood bowls of the highest quality, the same way they were crafted over 150 years ago.

When touring Holland Bowl Mill, you can see an in-depth look at how our bowls go from big logs to the most exquisite handcrafted wooden bowls. You will see not only how the bowls take their shape, but also learn how we strive to make every piece of wood is utilized and nothing goes to waste.

You are also sure to enjoy one of the favorite stops on our tour, the showroom. There you will be able to see many of the unique designs and a wide variety of products from Holland Bowl Mill, which include much more than just bowls.

To learn more about Holland Bowl Mill and to tour our facility, call us at 616-396-6513 for availability to set up a tour. Can’t make it? You can still learn about Holland Bowl Mill’s history and bowl-making process on our website, and even watch some videos of our experts in action.