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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (Continental US Only).
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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards


Learn how to clean a wooden bowl and other wooden products

Before we jump into how to clean a wooden bowl, know that if you are hesitant to purchase a set of wooden bowls because you’re unsure if you can keep them looking their best, then you’ll be relieved to hear it’s easier than you think. 

Caring, maintaining, and cleaning your wooden bowl mostly requires warm water and dish soap (and a high quality wood preserver).

To keep your wooden bowl or other wooden products in their optimal condition, you will want to season your bowl early and often. Using a wood preserver, like our Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver, liberally soak the bowl with the mineral oil and let it soak in, then wipe off the oil and use the bowl as usual.

After normal use of your wooden bowl, such as serving a salad or munching on your favorite snacks, you will want to clean the bowl. Hand washing is the best method to care for your wooden bowls. Never soak your bowl in the sink or put it in the dishwasher, as doing so might cause your bowl to split or crack.

The simplest method is the best option: use warm water and gentle dish soap to clean the surface. Doing so will clean the exterior of your bowl without the risk of exposing the wood to harmful elements that could destroy or damage the material.

Another beneficial step to maintaining your wooden bowl or cutting board is to sanitize the wood. Sanitizing your products helps to control bacteria growth, and you can do so with items that should already be present in your kitchen. Mixing one part of white vinegar with five parts water, just thoroughly wet the bowl and let the solution do its job for a couple minutes. Finish the process by rinsing your bowl with warm water and letting it air dry.

Maybe after a while and repeated use, your wooden bowl might feel fuzzy to the touch, meaning the grains of wood are raised. You can repair your bowl quickly with some 400 to 600 grit sandpaper and rub the damaged portion until it smooths out. Wash and dry your bowl as usual and look forward to being able to use your wooden bowl again soon.

By following these simple tips to clean and maintain your wooden bowl, and by using Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver, you can ensure that your wooden bowls will look just like the day you bought them for years and years. Regardless if it is a wooden bowl, cutting board, or utensil, you can be confident that anything purchased from Holland Bowl Mill will look amazing and last a lifetime. Get your own set of bowls by adding them to your shopping cart, or call us at (616) 396-6513 to place your order.