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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (Continental US Only).
FREE 9″ Cherry Bowl when you spend $200.00 (use code SUMMER)

The Mezzaluna: A Kitchen Tool for All Chefs


A Wooden kitchen tool like a mezzaluna knife makes chopping salads all the more easier.

To feel like a pro in the kitchen, you need knowledge, skills, ingredients, and the right tools for each recipe. Almost every kitchen already has a knife block, but it still may miss one important item: the mezzaluna. When paired with a chopping bowl, this wooden kitchen tool should be an essential piece in an aspiring chef’s kitchen.

The mezzaluna is great for mincing herbs for your sauce, reducing walnuts and chocolate for your brownies, or even shredding through lettuce for a crisp salad. Just by rocking back and forth with the knife and the chopping bowl, you can achieve a variety of textures with any of the ingredients you need.

Comparing the mezzaluna to your other kitchen tools shows its simplicity and versatility. Using a food processor requires taking it out from the cupboard, then cleaning out the canister, lid, and blades. Plus, the noise from the motor can be a nuisance. With the mezzaluna, however, you won’t need so much free space on your countertops, and all you need to wash here is the bowl and the blade.

You probably already have that one knife you use for most jobs, likely the chef’s knife. But that chef’s knife requires a cutting board and does not rock as easily as the mezzaluna. The chef’s knife and cutting board can also push your ingredients off and onto the floor, but the rounded wooden chopping bowl is more likely to keep those ingredients where they belong.

An important rule to remember with your wooden chopping bowl is that bigger is better. Chopping with a knife that is larger than your bowl will create problems, and shallower bowls will hold smaller quantities of ingredients. Holland Bowl Mill offers chopping bowls in sizes ranging from 9 inches to 15 inches.

If you ever wonder what else you need that can take you to that next level of cooking, it’s a great wooden chopping bowl and mezzaluna from Holland Bowl Mill. We also have many other wooden bowls and wooden kitchen tools that will work with any chef. Purchase your own wooden chopping bowl set by adding them to your shopping cart, by calling us at (616) 396-6513, or by visiting our showroom at 120 James Street in Holland.