20-inch Ebonized Red Oak Large Wooden Bowls


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Our largest wooden ebony bowls! Perfect as a dough bowl and big enough for extra large jumbo salads or commercial buffets. A very limited quantity is available! These large wooden bowls will last a lifetime.

The history of Ebony bowls being used as carved furniture can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians.

We have created a similar rich lustrous look on our wooden bowls by using a process called “Ebonizing.” We make the ebonizing solution from two common products, vinegar, and steel wool. The steel wool is soaked overnight in a plastic container filled with vinegar, creating an “iron solution.” When this solution applies to the bowl, it reacts immediately, turning the Red Oak into a rich Royal Blue color. Ebonizing is a safe, easy way to create beautiful bowls with originality and character.

We turn this spectacular solid Red Oak wood bowl by the craftsmen at the Holland Bowl Mill. This is a very rare large salad serving bowl and can serve a salad for 12 to 20 people, also makes a great centerpiece. Great for large parties and commercial salad buffets.

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All 20″ Ebony Bowls come with an 8 oz. tub of our famous Bee’s oil to retreat your bowl when necessary!

  • Servings 12-20
  • 20″ x 6-1/2″
  • All Natural Finish