20 inch Walnut Bowl with Bee's Oil Finish

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Our largest wooden bowl! Perfect as a dough bowl and big enough for extra large jumbo salads or commercial buffets. Very limited quantity available! This is a 20-inch Walnut large salad serving bowl that serves 12 to 20 people. It also makes a great centerpiece for large parties and salad buffets.

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Each 20-inch Bowl comes with a 8 oz. tub of our famous Bee’s oil to retreat your bowl when necessary!

  • Please note during checkout if you have a preference of all dark or two toned
  • Servings 12-20
  • 20 inches x 6½ inches
  • All Natural Finish
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1 review for 20 inch Walnut Bowl with Bee’s Oil Finish

  1. Allen Connel

    Brought this large walnut bowl many months ago. Truly a work of art and very functional and does not have one single flaw on it. It will make a wonderful heirloom for my future generations.
    My Grandmother had a wooden dough bowl that her Mother used, they both used it everyday. When she passed a cousin took it and sold it on E-Bay; I was very sad and it took me many years to find this wonderful quality bowl; my Grandmother would have loved it too. I highly reccomend this bowl. I use and pamper it regularly. Thanks Holland Bowl Mill!
    P.S.: Just treated it again with mineral oil and beeswax

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