6-Inch Ebonized Cherry Bowl – Bee’s Oil Finish


Add a special note for the recipient of this bowl. For engravings, please select a bowl 12″ or larger.




Small Ebonized bowls like these are great for Spices, Herbs, and other knick-knacks around the home or office. Unique present for the holidays, weddings, housewarmings and birthdays! Wood grain will vary. Hand washes only.

We can trace the use of Ebony in carved furniture back to the ancient Egyptians. We have created a similar rich, lustrous look on our wooden bowls by using a process called “Ebonizing.” The ebonizing solution is made from two common products, vinegar, and steel wool. The steel wool is soaked overnight in a plastic container filled with vinegar, creating an “iron solution.” When we apply this solution is to the bowl it reacts immediately turning the Cherry into a rich black color. Ebonizing is a safe, easy way to create beautiful bowls with originality and character.


  • 6″ Ebonized Cherry Bowl
  • 6-1/4″ X 1-1/2″
  • All Natural Finish
  • If you are looking for a side salad bowl, our 7-inch bowl is a better size for this purpose.