32 oz. Bee's Oil Wood Preserver

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To preserve your wood bowls and the other wood products you cherish, try our famous Bee’s Oil Salad Bowl & Wood Preserver.

Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver is entirely food safe, made from food safe oils and beeswax. It penetrates the wood and leaves a soft protective luster to all wooden products. It also works excellent for butcher blocks, soapstone counters, and sinks. It is easy to use and smells lovely.

The 32 oz. Large Wood Preserver container tub contains food safe oils and beeswax.

1 review for 32 oz. Bee’s Oil Wood Preserver

  1. Brian Carpenter

    This item was purchased by my folks for me when Dad made Mahogany Cutting boards for my 2 brothers and myself. It works well on the soft Mahogany, but works even Better as a hand and foot moisturizer. After 30 plus years of working outside in the tree care and transportation industries, and trying virtually every known moisturizer and concoction created as the solution to the issue of dry skin, this is the first product to actually prevent my hands and feet from cracking and splitting open throughout the winter. I use it year round on my hands, feet, and even to prevent chapped lips during outdoor adventures! Great product, the only problem I have is that the Bees Oil is a bit greasy and slippery when first applied, but that goes away shortly. Thank you!

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