A 20-inch ebonized wooden bowl from the Holland Bowl Mill

Add Another Layer of Beauty With Ebonized Bowls

As Holland Bowl Mill continues to grow, both in popularity and in business, we also push to boost our creativity. You may have seen some of our specialty items before, such as the heart-shaped bowl and the State of Michigan bowl, but we would like to introduce our line of ebonized wooden bowls.

Ebonizing wood is a technique that can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. The effect of darkening or blackening a naturally lighter wood can be created a couple different ways. It can be done with a chemically reactive process, by using dyes or inks, or with fire. Each process allows for both colors to stand out boldly from each other, while also still allowing the wood grain to show through.

The method that Holland Bowl Mill utilizes involves two common products: vinegar and steel wool. The steel wool is soaked overnight in a plastic container filled with vinegar, creating an iron solution. When this solution applies to the bowl, it reacts immediately, turning Cherry into a rich black color, and Red Oak into a rich royal blue color. 

Ebonizing is a safe, simple way to create beautiful bowls with originality and character. And caring for an ebonized bowl is just as easy as caring for one of our traditional wooden bowls. To properly clean your wooden bowl, use warm water, a small amount of mild dish soap and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, and then hand dry.

Don’t forget, all Holland Bowl Mill bowls come with a lifetime guarantee. If your bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use, Holland Bowl Mill will replace it with a new one of similar size and finish.

Add another unique item to your kitchen or living room with a beautiful ebonized wooden bowl, or with any of our original and expertly crafted items. Visit our showroom at 120 James Street in Holland to see all of our products, or call us at (616) 396-6513 to place your order. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see updates on everything else we offer.