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Wood vs Plastic Utensils: Does it Really Matter?


Choose wisely. When selecting wooden cooking utensils vs plastic, look at several factors.

When it comes to cooking, the right utensils can make all the difference. If you’ve ever had a discussion about which is better, wooden cooking utensils vs plastic, you may have been met with some debate. Some people swear by wood and use it for everything. In fact, many professional chefs insist that a wooden spoon should be in every kitchen. But does it really matter? What makes wood superior to plastic? When should you use wood and when should you use plastic?

When it comes to cooking utensils, they are made from wood, plastic, metal, or sometimes silicone. While there are pros and cons to using each material, there are a few properties in wood that make it the best type of utensil to cook with. Let’s compare wooden cooking utensils vs plastic and why one would be better for cooking.

Wood Utensils Are Durable and Strong

Have you ever had a plastic spoon or spatula break on you? This is not a problem with wood utensils, because wood is much more durable than plastic. If you need to stir a thick sauce or scrape something from the bottom of a pan, a wooden utensil will do this without breaking.

Wood Does Not Conduct Heat or Melt

If you have a glass top stove, you may have experienced the aggravation of a melted plastic utensil. It’s easy to set a spatula or spoon down and forget about it. Plastic melts quickly and easily on a hot surface. While you won’t have problems with metal utensils melting, they do conduct heat. If you’ve ever burned your tongue tasting something off a metal spoon, it’s because of how metal conducts heat. Wood does not conduct, so the spoon will stay cool even if the food you’re tasting is hot.

Wood Doesn’t Scratch Surfaces

Perhaps the biggest reason wooden utensils are better for cooking is because they won’t scratch the surface of your cookware. Plastic may be better than metal when it comes to scratching. However,  in general, wooden utensils are softer and won’t scratch the finish of non-stick pans or skillets.

Wooden Utensils Look Better

While it’s true, some people like the modern look of plastic or metal utensils. There’s something elegant and attractive about wooden utensils. They add a little touch of nostalgia and beauty to your kitchen, while they enhance your cooking experience.