A long-lasting wooden bowl set inlayed with each other.

Your Wooden Bowl Can Last for Generations

The techniques and skills are virtually the same now as they were 150 years ago, and with good reason. Holland Bowl Mill uses the highest quality wood available, and our expert craftsmen have continued the time-honored traditions and processes that make the best long-lasting wooden bowl possible. Not just in America, but in the world.

These days, few things are built to last. Technology quickly becomes obsolete, your clothes become worn and raggedy, and even your car can drive only so many miles. Designs and methods of production are constantly changing in those fields to become more cost effective, but one thing that has remained nearly unchanged for more than a century is Holland Bowl Mill.

There was a time when this process of wood bowl making was a cherished trade, passing down through generations of families. But today, with the abundance of inexpensive materials available to mass produce tableware, our handcrafted bowls have become a specialty item. This centuries-old traditional craft, passed down and perfected through generations, is almost a lost art, but Holland Bowl Mill persists.

Because our approach to crafting the finest wooden bowls has continued for generations, that also means that we guarantee our products to last for generations. By following the proper methods to clean your wooden bowls, you can help keep them fresh, which will extend their lifespan even further. 

You can further help preserve your wooden bowl with Holland Bowl Mill’s Bee’s Oil Wood Preserve. It is entirely food-safe, and can help you bowl looking the way it did when it was first bought, whether that be one year or one decade ago.

A wood bowl from Holland Bowl Mill is more than just a bowl, but also a piece of history. Share that history with your friends and family, or pass it down to the next generation and let the story continue. Our wooden bowls come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that if your bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use, Holland Bowl Mill will replace it with a new one of similar size and finish.

Every item available from Holland Bowl Mill will look amazing and last for generations, whether you put it to use in your kitchen and dining room, or if it is displayed in your home decor. Visit our showroom at 120 James Street in Holland to see all of our products, or call us at (616) 396-6513 to place your order.