what is the best wood for cutting boards?

How to Choose the Best Wood for Your Cutting Board

One reason people love wood cutting boards is because of their durability. A good cutting board that’s properly cared for can last a lifetime. However, if you purchase a cutting board made from the wrong type of wood, you may end up having to replace it in just a few years. This is because some types of wood are not ideal for cutting boards.

If you’ve decided to purchase a wooden cutting board, you may try to decide which wood is the best. Cutting boards are made from many types of wood. Some of them are great for cutting on and others not so much. So, what is the best wood for cutting boards? 

There are three types of wood that are considered best for cutting boards, walnut, maple, and cherry. All three are domestic hardwoods. They are durable and dense, which makes them great for chopping and slicing. 

A board made from any of these woods can handle heavy use. Because this type of wood is dense and hard, it is also more bacteria-resistant. Yet it’s still gentle on knives and easy to clean. Which of these woods you select for your cutting board will really depend on your personal preferences. 

Although maple is a solid choice when it comes to cutting. It is often used in baseball bats, flooring, bowls, utensils, and rolling pins because of its strength. For its utility, a maple is a great option for a cutting board, but many are drawn to walnut and cherry because of their aesthetics.

Cherry is one of the most popular types of wood. It’s a medium to dark deep red color that looks beautiful in your kitchen. It is a strong, durable wood that will hold up for years. Most people love cherry for its color and smooth-cutting surface. It makes a great gift for someone who loves cooking. 

The rich, dark chocolate color of walnut is why so many people love this wood for cutting boards. It’s slightly softer than maple, but it’s still sturdy enough for cutting. It can be used for preparing meals, but it also makes a beautiful board for charcuterie. If you want a board that is useful, beautiful, and multipurpose, consider walnut.